Is A Document Imaging Solution Right For Your Company?

Posted by: Administrator at July 5, 2012

Research shows that employees in a wide range of industries spend a good chunk of their work day trying to find information.  The wasted time spent searching, sorting, retrieving, filing and copying documents impacts the company’s goals.  Inefficiencies in what should be a simple business task can be eliminated with document imaging solutions and systems.  With document imaging solutions and systems, the information employees need is accessible with a few clicks of the mouse.

Some people think that document imaging solutions and systems imply a conversion to a completely paperless office.  This makes many business owners uncomfortable, since most are used to dealing with physical copies of everything.  However, document imaging solutions don’t have to completely eliminate the existence of paper in your company.  They do, however, allow a gradual and slow transition to an efficient business operation that uses less paper, and more importantly, depends on less paper.

The decision to perform document imaging in-house or have the process outsourced is specific to each organization.  ILM suggests considering the following questions when deciding the best way to achieve a document imaging system that fits your company.

  • What is the cost of in-house vs. outsourced document imaging?
  • Is there a difference in the quality of the image?
  • Are you seeking day-forward or back file document conversion?
  • Can internal staff handle the conversion, or would you benefit from additional outside resources?
  • How important are compliance regulations and security concerns?

Evaluating your imaging needs from a short-term and long-term perspective also helps in the decision of what document imaging system will best work for your company.  Being realistic about expectations and having well-defined goals is also critical to the process.  For help on choosing a document imaging system, or for advice on setting goals and expectations of your project, contact ILM today.

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