The Document Scanning Process

Posted by: Administrator at July 17, 2012

At ILM, we’ve come across many businesses that haven’t thought logistically about how they want to use electronic data.  We’ve seen far too many clients become wrapped up in the goal of a paperless office, and once they have it, they’re unsure of how to utilize the electronically indexed information.  This is why we work with you to recommend goals and expectations for the transition—before the document scanning system process has even begun.

It is also important to establish how much of your documentation needs to be digitized. Day-forward document scanning is a system where every document from the start of the digitization process forward will be digitized.  Back-file conversion involves taking all documents that date back to a certain time period, and converting them to electronic formats.  If you have a fair amount of inactive clients, or older information that isn’t accessed very frequently, day-forward document scanning systems are sufficient. On the other hand, if you regularly access information from many years ago, it is wise to convert everything.

The process for document scanning services consists of preparing, capturing, and indexing the documents.  Older documents in particular must be prepped.  This means treating tears and smudges in the paper.  Staples, bindings and paper clips must also be removed before being scanned.  Once the documents are prepped, they are scanned into the system.

After all physical copies are converted into electronic image files, your goals and expectations become very important.  These are the next steps in document scanning systems, and are specific to the end-user’s objectives.  In order to effectively utilize document scanning systems, you need to use the goals and expectations you’ve set to determine how best to index the information so that they are accessible.  This is often the most difficult and important step in the process.

ILM is committed to working with your company to determine a customized document scanning systems solution.  We even let you try out our services before you pay for anything.   For more information on document scanning systems, and how your business can benefit from electronic data management, contact ILM today for a consultation.D

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