What Document Management Solution is Right for Me?

Posted by: Administrator at August 3, 2012

Often we’re asked “what document management solution makes sense for my company?”, and the response usually requires several follow up questions.  This is because document management solutions are a combination of a variety of different electronic data management strategies.  At the most basic level, document management may be a computer system uniquely configured for a particular client.  The system would have the ability to track and store electronic documents, import scanned images of paper documents, manage a document’s history, and edit documents in real-time.  This is a short list, and the capabilities of a document management solution are vast depending on the method(s) you choose.

There are many different concepts related to a document management solution.  We often hear about content management systems, document imaging, workflow systems, records management and digital conversion.  All of these methods fall under the document management solution umbrella.   Which strategies you choose to employ depends on a number of factors, such as your type of business, goals, privacy standards and user requirements.

With so many different methods and strategies you may wonder about the best way to choose a document management solution for your business.  At ILM we understand that no two businesses are alike, therefore, each needs a specifically tailored system that works for them and the way that they operate.  We have experience with applying single and multi-part solutions for clients in a variety of industries.  In order to select the best solution for you, we ask that you brainstorm a bit on the following questions, and then get together with us to discuss the best option.

What do you hope to get out of a document management solution?

  • Clearing your office of filing cabinets?
  • Increased productivity?
  • Improved customer experience?
  • Maybe you just want to better manage and keep track of business documentation?

What features, tools, and capabilities do I want in an electronic document management platform?

What are your company’s confidentiality and privacy requirements?  Are you obligated to adhere to specific compliance regulations?

Establishing goals and expectations are critical to a successful document management solution. At ILM, we use our experience to help select the best method based on your needs, requirements and how your business operates.  For more information on document management solutions, call us today.

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