What is Forms Processing?

Posted by: Administrator at July 12, 2012

Forms processing is a method by which information is captured and entered into a data field where it is then converted into an electronic format.  Typically, forms processing involves physical, hard copies of information that are transferred into electronic form.  Forms processing can range anywhere from small to larger scale applications.

Companies have countless forms crossing their desks every day. Many of these businesses still manually process the forms using internal resources. Depending on the size of your organization, this process can require numerous people to be employed in data entry positions.  Consequently, you are spending time and money to have a very critical job performed.  When you partner with ILM to head your forms processing and data conversion system, you are able to reduce operating costs across the board while improving document processing speed and accuracy.

The actual process of forms processing, or data entry, of hard copies into electronic copies is simple; however, organizing the newly digitized information is usually a challenge.  ILM understands that businesses need accessibility. The solution of document management goes far beyond a simple scan, but exists in creating an electronic structure to make that information accessible to the entire workforce.

Businesses utilize forms processing because it increases the efficiency of their operation.  The benefits of forms processing are numerous, and include:

  • Improvement in forms processing time
  • Increased speed and accuracy in accessing information
  • Reduction in document processing and data entry costs
  • Customizable systems tailored specifically to how you want to use the data
  • Reduction in form processing errors
  • Doubles as a disaster recovery method

Need high quality forms processing as well as a customized system to access the electronic data?  There are many solutions ILM can offer to make your business more efficient and productive.  To learn more about forms processing, data entry and OCR services, contact ILM today.

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