Online Document Management Solutions

When it comes to implementing a document management system, there are a variety of solutions available. However, it all comes down to what’s right for your business. The system you choose depends on your type and size of business, as well as your privacy standards, end user requirements, compliance regulations, remote access needs and overall business goals.

You may have heard terms like enterprise content management, content management systems, document imaging, workflow systems, records management and digital conversion. These are all thrown out there as interchangeable tools that ultimately mean the same thing. Essentially these solutions all fall under the document management umbrella, but they each truly present a different solution. ILM stands ready to show you how these services vary, and help you decide which is best for your business.

ILM will work closely with your company to establish the best online document management solution. Oftentimes this means covering quite a bit of ground to get down to the heart of what you hope to achieve. Here are a few examples of questions we’ll ask in the early stages of working together.

  • What are your goals for implementing a document management solution?
  • How to you see your business changing with the system?
  • What privacy, compliance and retention guidelines do you follow?
  • Are there any specific features and tools you’d like to gain from the system?
  • Do you have remote employees?
  • Do you have numerous locations?

Understanding your goals and expectations are the foundation for developing a solution that is adaptable for you and your employees, as well as one that will grow with your organization. This is why getting to know your business is essential to tailoring the best document management solution possible. After getting to know your unique needs, we’ll suggest either a single or multi-part online document management strategy that we believe is right for you.

ILM wants you to understand how our approach works and for you to be confident in our services before making a commitment. This is why we encourage you to try us before you buy us. All you do is send us a box of your documents and we’ll show you the potential an online document management system has for your business. We also make sure you aren’t inconvenienced at any point during the process. We offer you access to all data every step of the way.