Quality Management System


ILM employs a certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS). This QMS system is integral and applicable to all parts of our business and business decision making processes.

ILM’s proven QC approach is built on ISO-certified quality processes that include:

  • ILM has a dedicated Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager (QA/QC Manager) whose sole responsibility is ILM’s Quality Assurance Programs.
  • QC checkpoints integral to all of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • QC checklists for processes such as document collection, scanning, printing, and mailing services.
  • Iterative process audits by the QA/QC Manager.
  • Tracking and analysis of processing performance to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Continuous improvement program designed to correct and prevent deficiencies.


ILM Corporation is dedicated to providing expert document scanning, data entry, information management and related services. ILM is committed to:

  • Helping our customers define their needs and expectations, then meeting or exceeding them.
  • Providing accurate and on-time shipments through the cooperative effort of our suppliers, employees and customers.
  • Continually improving all aspects of our quality management system through process improvement and innovation.

ILM’s quality management system is designed to comply with ISO 9001 requirements.

Only ILM's Fredericksburg, VA facility is ISO certified. For more information about ILM's ISO Certification, please call.