On Target Revenue and Satisfied Donors


Client: $250 million international non-profit advocacy group

ILM Contact: Operations Manager


This non-profit was consistently missing revenue projects and facing complaints from frustrated donors. The client’s current vendor was slow to make deposits and return data to clients. Mistakes were made with deposits. Inaccurate capture of critical information led to donor frustration. The organization’s traditional lock box vendor was also unable to manage the peaks and valleys of volume, had poor deposit controls, and had a system that did not allow for exception processing.

Client needed a way for donations to be deposited within 24 hours and to upload donor files in 5 days not the current 7 days. Deposits needed to be correct and reconciled with client’s donor management system. Critical information including unexpected donor comments needed to be captured and recorded.

ILM Solution:

ILM’s document capture and processing facility received donations directly providing all services necessary to fulfill the requirements.


Deposits are now made within 24 hours regardless of volume peaks, donor files are uploaded within 48 hours instead of 7 days, unique donor requests and comments have been captured, improved forecasting for revenue projections. Client is now better able to target donor campaigns based on more accurate information.