Holocaust Survivors Assisted With Difficult Claims Processing


Client: International non-profit Jewish advocacy group

ILM Contact: Assistant Executive Vice President


Secure compensation and restitution for elderly survivors of the Holocaust and their heirs and payout as much money to survivors as possible while keeping administrative costs to 5%.

Claims were difficult to validate due to a lengthy application with extensive supporting documentation.

ILM Solution:

ILM received claims directly. We provided docketing information so claimants would be notified that their claim was in process. We scanned all applications and supporting documents, including foreign language applications from over twenty-five countries. Through a combination of machine OCR and manual data entry all relevant information from these complex applications were captured.


The client was able to handle reparation payments to over 120,000 claimants; totaling more than 650 millions dollars within 18 months, and administrative costs came in under budget at 4%.