Warranty Company Serves Customers


Client: National Warranty Company

ILM Contact: CFO


Claimants were frustrated by poor service. The company was spending more on labor than the industry standard.

When an individual purchases merchandise, they can also purchase an additional warranty agreement. When the item needed to be serviced, they would call the warranty company to file a claim either for repair or replacement. The information (name, address, product brand, serial number, etc.) was not always available online because the warranty card that the claimant had filled out was not entered into the system. The client had no internal data entry capability to collect the information. Additionally, the registration card was too complex with multiple product and store codes. Customer service representatives had to capture missing information with the claimant on the telephone increasing average call time thus increasing labor costs. Customers were annoyed at having to supply warranty information numerous times. Customers also did not understand why they had to fill out a warranty card if the information on the card was not used.

The client needed a way for the claimant’s information to be instantly available to the customer service representative. The customer service representative would then verify the information and submit the claim.

ILM Solution:

ILM provided the outsourcing capability to enter the warranty registrations so they would be available online.


When a claimant calls in, the information is available to customer service representative to validate the product and submit the claim. The customer service representative is also able to handle more calls per hour because she does not have to capture the information with the claimant. Claimant frustration was also reduced because the required information was immediately available and the average call time was decreased.