Accurate Document Tracking of Foreigners to the United States


Client: Federal Agency

ILM Contact: Director of Database and Application Management


Inability to monitor foreigners who enter the United States through cultural exchange programs.

Each United State’s embassy and consulate is responsible for the cultural exchange students entering the United States from its host country. The embassy must sponsor the individual and fill out the necessary paperwork and forms. There are two types of forms. The copy that the client received was a yellow sheet, third carbon copy. Additionally, the forms were often not filled out correctly. Because the forms originated in hundreds of different countries, the documents were and continue to be difficult to read. The agency did not have enough staff to manage the daily volume of forms, resulting in a large backlog. The agency also did not have the physical space to continue to store the data.

The agency needed to outsource the data entry of the forms to a firm that would eliminate the backlog and be able to understand all of the elements of the forms so that the information would be entered correctly. The firm would also need to scan the documents to eliminate the requirement to store them. There was also a need to have instant access to the image to validate that the proper stamps and signatures were present.

ILM Solution:

ILM scanned the documents and performed the necessary data entry and oversaw the confidential destruction of the data once it was safely stored. ILM implemented a secure document records management policy.


The elimination of the backlog and continuous flow of data into the database. Individuals can now be properly monitored while they are in the United States.