National Medical Association Unlocks Valuable Medical Resources


Client: National Medical Association

ILM Contact: Executive Director


50-years' worth of medical journals containing relevant information useful to treating patients was unavailable to members of a national medical association.

The physical paper journals were the only remaining copy of the original documents and were in poor paper format. The membership did not have access to the information or any way to distribute it. Additionally each journal only had a high level table of contents index.

The journals needed to be accessible to all members via CD or the Web. The information needed to be more usable by enabling full text search and retrieval.

ILM Solution:

onversion of the electronic and paper documents into a usable electronic format. Through a combination of document scanning, high definition scanning of line art, OCR, and manual data entry we reproduced a mirror image document into PDF format.


Members are now able to access the 50-years' worth of information to better treat their patients. The materials are no longer in jeopardy of being destroyed or lost.