Publishing Company Expands National Reach Through Internet Records


Client: Publishing Company

ILM Contact: Director of Online Content.


To make city, state, and local government financial reports available over the Web to paid subscribers. Subscribers wanted to quickly locate reports to help them create urban planning reports.

The sheer volume of reports made it difficult to gather information for specific regions. There was no single resource available to access all the cities throughout the United States.

ILM Solution:

ILM scanned and indexed the reports sent from over 2500 cities throughout the United States. Each city report was loaded into an online database that enabled subscribers to search reports on key terms and location. ILM was able to quickly handle the public record data capture and create a searchable index for the customer.


Subscribers are now able to search with a number of key search fields and view reports in their original condition. This instant access has eliminated shipping costs and the time it takes for counties and cities to ship reports all over the United States.