Law Firm Implements Mail Safety Policy


ILM Client: Washington, D.C. Law Firm

ILM Contact: Knowledge Management Director


The threat of mail contamination and the need to share information throughout the firm.

The in-house records management system was slow and costly. Files were occasionally misplaced and lost costing hundreds of dollars to replace. The firm's high profile and location made it an easy target for terrorist threats.

ILM Solution:

The firm needed a complete needs analysis on the impact a paperless mail process would have on the firm. A meticulous understanding of current processes was outlined to the client showing a positive return on investment. Real-life business statistics were gathered to show how the process and technology would save the client time and allow for a faster disaster recovery if necessary.


The firm plans to implement this system in 2003. According to client feedback, the analysis was well-received and cost-justified.