Digital Imaging


Despite the prevalence of digital media, companies still depend on hard copy formats to manage everyday business functions. However, it's not uncommon for companies of all shapes and sizes to seek solutions to better organize and manage their data. Solutions are very accessible, but it's the process of carrying them out that can pose challenges. Many times the issue is that information exists in multiple formats. Often, companies with both new and legacy data stored on microfilm, microfiche and paper choose not to convert everything into digital format. This can lead to a number of problems because unconverted information is just as critical to business operations as the digitized data. There are many choices and options when considering a digital imaging solution.

Custom Imaging Solutions

ILM understands that no one digital imaging solution fits every business model. This is why our solutions are driven by your company's needs, focused on measurable results and tailored to closely match your current infrastructure. Depending on the volume of your records, you may choose to convert all data (back-file), or convert only current and future documents (day-forward). In either case, ILM has technologies available to drive the efficiency of your business and make data more accessible to your organization. If your data exists in various paper types and sizes, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, DVD's, CD's, or any other hard copy, you can benefit from our digital imaging solutions.

Advantages to ILM's Digital Imaging Technologies:

  • Reduced operating costs & visible ROI
  • Improved search & retrieval capabilities
  • Heightened accessibility with various user levels
  • Highly efficient distribution & collaboration features
  • Reduced physical storage needs
  • Serves as a disaster recovery strategy

ILM wants you to understand how our approach works and be confident in our services before making a commitment. This is why we encourage you to try us before you buy us. All you do is send us a box of your documents and we'll show you the potential digital imaging has for your business. We also make sure you aren't inconvenienced at any point during the process. We offer you access to all data throughout each phase of our digital imaging system. For more information on digital imaging solutions from ILM, contact us today.

Try before you buy