Benefits of Workflow Automation

Most business processes, at some stage along the way, are carried out by a manual set of steps.  But we all know that when there is a large degree of manual labor, a process faces challenges and risks.  Soaring labor costs, declining operating capacity, slower processing and a higher probability of errors are just some of many.  These mistakes and inabilities can be detrimental to a business, especially in a competitive market where speed and accuracy are non-negotiable.

Over the years, various technologies emerged into the market to aide in the automation of all, or some of the steps in a business’ workflow.  As more modern day offices are making the transition to a paperless office, it’s becoming a trend that they are chiefly interested in how workflow automation can eliminate paperwork.  Paper-based environments involve a great deal of routing, delivering and processing of information.  The manual steps involved in this process put companies at risk for costly, time-consuming and damaging mistakes.

A well-implemented workflow automation system can create a digital, paperless environment where business functions are accomplished in a fraction of the time when compared a manual system.  There’s much more than efficiency. Here are the primary benefits of workflow automation:

  • Error reduction—the majority of errors in workflow processes are a result of a poorly designed system; automated systems are the best way to improve processes without a huge learning curve
  • Decreased labor requirements—labor is the main contributor to increased costs in manual processes; computer-based systems remove the human element involved in determining and assessing the rules of the system
  • ROI, cost savings—a substantial amount of money is spent processing paperwork in manual systems; when paper is eliminated or decreased, money savings and ROI are virtually instant
  • Increased profitability—cutting back on the time it takes to complete a manual process improves the organization from the inside out; peak performance and fast turnaround mean superior customer satisfaction and improved productivity

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