Best Practices: Getting the Most From Your Indexing and Data Entry Project

In order to get the most out of your document conversion project, your organization must have clearly defined goals and a set of rules to govern how you carry out the process. ILM works with both large and small organizations to clearly define the required output to ensure the best possible results.


For everyone to achieve success requires establishing expectations prior to beginning the process with a document conversion and data entry company. Know what you want to get out of the project and how it will benefit your employees, customers and other stakeholders. Ensure that the company you select to work with operates under the best practices of document conversion and management, and ask them about the core areas of their business. If they’re experts at what they do ask them to provide you references that you can follow up with. Explore the best solutions for your short and long terms needs. Inquire about their capabilities and processes regarding the following areas of document conversion:


  1. Effective Capture of Information: A document scanning and management company should be able to explain to you the equipment and processes used to effectively and accurately scan and index your documents.


  1. Indexing Options: Depending on your specific needs for document retrieval there are several indexing options available such as manual data entry, OCR or ICR. Review these options with the document management company you hire. What are the quality control standards that are in place to ensure accuracy?


  1. Security: Many government agencies and other offices, such as medical practices, have documents of confidential nature. How are these documents being kept private and safe? Inquire about the security of data capture if it is done onshore or overseas. What’s in place for personnel, physical plant and computer system security? Also of importance is finding out about disaster recovery in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Unique to ILM, is a try before your buy option. Potential clients may engage ILM to perform a small test or proof of concept at no cost or obligation. This gives ILM a chance to thoroughly review your materials to develop a pricing proposal, but also gives you a chance to see your documents in digital format.


These are just some of the main principles under which a document conversion company should operate. Find out more about how they handle various situations as they pertain to best practices. Having a consultation with one of their project managers is the best opportunity to seize such critical information.

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