Can a Cloud-Based DMS Grow a SMB?

The unorganized and ineffective processes associated with traditional document management systems effect businesses of all sizes. For the SMB, however, this can have a significantly negative impact.  Business owners who strive to wisely allot their time to growing their business are instead forced to waste time being inundated with business documents that seemingly have no organizational structure.  This can have an adverse effect on a SMB, especially those trying to keep their head above water in a competitive market or a troubled economy.

Up until recently, the cloud-based DMS market has tailored its service and product offerings to large enterprises that have IT support staff to take the reigns.  Those behind the cloud services found it difficult to recommend their product to SMBs because most people believed they were far too expensive and complicated for an operation that runs without IT experts.  Therefore, many SMBs still use outdated processes for managing their documentation, and they battle through the consequences—loss of information, productivity, and worst of all, money.

These services have recently become tailored and streamlined to the unique needs of SMBs, and more businesses are jumping on board.  There are numerous benefits for a SMB that employs a cloud-based DMS. Improved remote access to company information, collaborative tools, reduced storage and overhead costs, increased information security and greater overall workplace efficiency are several of many advantages.  Cloud-based DMS gives SMBs the flexibility to utilize efficient, electronic storage systems without the need to invest in IT staff, hardware and software.  For a SMB, the learning curve is typically one of the most intimidating aspects of launching a cloud-based DMS.  However, this is actually one of the greatest advantages.  These systems are easily integrated into a company’s existing business applications, so that very little time and training is required for end users to gain proficiency.  What once could take days and weeks to master can now be achieved in a few hours.

No matter how many changes an industry might experience, or how the market evolves, one fact will always remain true— documents, information and people make a business.  Still, most SMBs employ archaic practices for managing information and granting access.  This is a considerable source of trouble and inefficiency, particularly for a SMB where this process of managing information usually rests solely on the business owner.  The brighter side is that these challenges can be easily resolved by making the transition to a cloud-based DMS.

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