Case Study Overview: Federal Agency Accurately Tracks Foreigners Coming into the United States

ILM was contacted by a federal agency whose responsibility is to accurately track and monitor foreigners who enter the United States through cultural exchange programs.  Each country’s embassy and consulate is in charge of the cultural exchange students that enter the United States from its host country, and therefore must complete the necessary paperwork and forms.  Although only two forms were required of each student, they were oftentimes not completed correctly because the agency received a third carbon copy that was difficult to read.  The volume of forms could not be handled by the number of agency staff, nor was there enough storage space for the documentation.  This resulted in a backed up, surplus of forms that couldn’t be handled in a timely manner.

The federal agency realized they needed to outsource both data capture and data processing of the forms to more effectively track and monitor each cultural exchange student.  In addition to outsourcing the processing and scanning of the forms, they needed all information electronically indexed to eliminate the need for carbon copies.  ILM was able to implement these processes for the agency, and provide them with a secure records management policy once the forms were electronically captured and processed.

This case study is an example of how ILM executes a combination of strategies to improve business processes.   For this agency, ILM created a plan consisting of data processing, data capture and digital imaging to improve the manner in which foreigners are monitored while in the United States.   For more examples of how document management and imaging solutions can impact an organization or business, check out the rest of our case studies at or call ILM today!