Choosing a Document Management Partner

Many organizations make costly mistakes when choosing a company to handle their document management needs.  It’s easy to sign up for what appears a concrete solution, but down the road no benefits exist.  Before going as far as to choose a provider to work with, a company must think about their goals.  A document management provider can help you outline concrete objectives and targets, but only you know what will and what won’t work for your organization.  Unless DMS is a new concept, you need to assess how your current system is working.  Then, to narrow down the best service provider for your needs, consider the following…

What exactly are you trying to get out of a document management system/solution?  Some service providers specialize more on the backend of converting data.  Others offer electronic document management software that serves as a platform for various applications.  If you already have a DMS in place, think about what works and what doesn’t.  It’s likely you can identify some ways in which the system could perform better.  Those are the types of services you should be looking for in a document management provider.

Do their services and solutions embrace latest trends?  Whether it’s automated workflow systems or integration with mobile devices, document management providers have a host of new technologies at their disposal.  Some choose to educate themselves on these advances and offer them as services to clients.  Some don’t.   The level of complexity in the services proposed says a great deal about the expertise and commitment of the provider.

What certifications are available to professionals in the industry?  There are a variety of credentials and/or affiliations that any knowledgeable and reliable provider should obtain. Seek out the providers that went the extra mile to achieve these standards and credentials. Depending on the extent of services offered, certifications may include Certified Records Manager, Information Capture Professional, Certified Document Imaging Architech, as well as various GSA and ISO standards.

Where does the provider send work for completion?  Onshore and offshore is a push and pull relationship.  There are pros and cons to both, and based on the nature of your documents there could be more cons to offshore.  However, it’s all about the specific project, budget, timeline and comfort level in shipping documents overseas.   Look for a service provider that offers both offshore and onshore work.  These vendors know the ins and outs of both environments and can share expertise on how cost, cultural gaps, distance and other factors play into the final decision.

ILM has been providing solutions for businesses’ document management needs since 1976.  For more information on the scope of our work, experience, credentials, and the customized services we offer clients, contact us today!

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