Cloud Based DMS for Government Agencies

Each  year, government agencies are faced with new challenges that affect their ability to provide fundamental services to the general public.  Agencies are confronted with various issues like rapidly growing populations (particularly urban), outdated infrastructures, diminishing budgets and increasing security threats. These problems have government agencies looking for new technologies to help them overcome the challenges that grow with each passing year.

Addressing the needs of growing populations in urban areas is an ongoing challenge for government agencies.  It requires planning, resources and diligence.  By moving current information technologies to the cloud, these agencies can meet the demands of urbanization.  This is because cloud-based DMS will automate functions that were once traditionally manual tasks.

As more technologies are developed, it’s easy for yesterday’s new thing to become obsolete.  Yet settling for traditional, dated technologies brings its own challenges.  Cloud-based DMS is a technology that improved efficiency while still putting your business in the forefront of technological advancements.  Updates in cloud computing technology don’t outdate older versions, they only enhance them.  Therefore, government agencies that adopt cloud-based DMS always have the newest form of the software, and rarely feel like there is something newer and better they’re missing from their system.

Tightening budgets and resources are another common challenge for government agencies.  Agencies need to provide more services with less money and less resources.  Utilizing cloud-based DMS can serve as a means to overcome some of these challenges.  The long-term cost savings are undeniable.  There is less need for internal IT support and security specialists to watch over servers.  There are no upfront costs associated with IT personnel or equipment, and many systems offer pay-as-you-go contracts.

Information security is an ever-growing concern for government agencies.  With security breaches and threats around every corner, it’s easy to be concerned about security regardless of the type of system being used. Cloud-based DMS offers security features that other data management systems do not.  Data back-up and disaster recovery are just a few of the perks of cloud computing. DMS also offers special features and tools to specifically tailor exactly what type and how much access users have to information.  Authorization levels are completely customizable, which makes it easy for system administrators to assign each user with the appropriate access to information—nothing more, nothing less.

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