Converting and Classifying Government Archives into a Secure, Accessible System

The government is one of few organizations to truly realize and embrace the benefits of operating in a paperless environment.  Over the years, various document management support tools have been introduced to government agencies.  Electronic digital imaging has proven one of the most powerful and significant tools.  Agencies taking advantage of this advanced technology are quickly seeing immediate performance and productivity gains—all of which help facilitate proficient management of documents, files, reports, finances, and related documents.

The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 sought to improve the use and access of Federal information.  The Act changed how government agencies were to maintain and compile records, whether they were dealing with someone inside the agency or a third party.  Essentially, it drove agencies across the entire government to develop a strategic information resources management plan.

ILM has a great deal of experience working with government agencies.  Our document management solutions for government agencies include creating electronic documents for distribution and collection, as well as transforming archive materials into digital files and indexing them appropriately.  Many government agencies rely on important data in the form of tape, microfilm, microfiche and a variety of older sources.  In our experience, we’ve taken entire libraries of these sources, as well as materials like hardcopy files, books, journals, and media such as films, audio and existing electronic files and converted them into usable digital documents.

ILM has specialized capabilities suited for our federal clients that include a GSA Schedule 36 and Joint Venture with NTIS.  This enables agencies to be issued a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or Interagency Agreement (IA) to jump start their document conversion and scanning needs.  Please call us for more information on document management systems for federal government agencies.

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