Data Capture & Document Management in Litigation Support

Professionals in the legal field depend heavily on documents, both new and archived.  Managing, maintaining and retaining such a high volume of documents can become unmanageable especially in a fast paced legal environment.  Retaining documents and enforcing strict retention guidelines is critical to the success of an attorney’s casework and the livelihood of their firm.  In order to uphold their integrity and maintain the confidentiality of their clients, legal firms are turning to data capture and document management solutions.

Data capture and document management play many roles in litigation support, like:

Enhanced Security: Security and confidentiality are two of the most important factors in the legal field.  Document management and data capture solutions provide the added safety measures needed to protect both clients and casework.

Minimized Risk: Compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements is critical in the legal field.  Electronic document management provides the necessary support to ensure records are properly and securely managed and retained.

Increased Productivity: Enhanced productivity is vital in the legal field.   Data capture and document management solutions enable legal professionals to retrieve, send and share documents quickly and securely.

Decreased Operating Costs: There is no doubt that employing document management systems lower operating expenses.  From office supplies and equipment to time management and payroll, these solutions lower costs across the board.

When a legal firm invests in document management and data capture solutions, it’s not just to conveniently store and manage documents.  Ultimately, the goal is to shift the storage, location and retrieval methods of records and other media to a centralized, electronic location.  These transitions naturally create the aforementioned benefits, which truly supplement the needs and processes of legal firms.   For more information on how document management solutions benefit legal firms, contact ILM today.

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