Data Entry Service for Government Agencies

Government agencies have the responsibility of properly utilizing taxpayer dollars while protecting shareholder interests.  By outsourcing data entry and forms processing, agencies across all levels of government can operate more efficiently at decreased costs.  This is why many local, state and federal government agencies have begun regularly using data entry services to cut costs and increase efficiency across the board.

In what seems like an entirely digital era, one might expect that government services would be streamlined to reflect recent changes and advancements in technology.  Citizens believe they should no longer have to show up in person and wait in line to conduct official business.  Customers want more online services and mobile options.  However, for government agencies this means identifying bottlenecks in workflow and other processing systems to design better customer service portals and meet these demands.

Improving the customer experience usually entails outsourcing data entry so that service representatives focus less on paperwork, and more on customers. The need for fast and accurate high-volume document processing and data entry is something most government agencies strive to achieve.  Outsourcing forms processing frees up data entry personnel so they can perform more customer-centric duties.  The service also helps agencies meet budgetary constraints, as well as improve and expand data initiatives by converting stacks of handwritten documents to digital files that are able to be sorted and analyzed.

ILM has the ability to process many government forms, including, but not limited to:

  • Tax information and returns
  • Social security information
  • Birth, death and marriage certificates
  • Passport, Visa and work permit forms
  • Census forms
  • Election forms

Our services have helped a large number of government agencies streamline their everyday business needs.  This includes employing complete document management systems, data scanning and forms processing.  For more information on our government experience, and to learn about the services we tailor for local, state and federal government agencies, please contact us today!

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