What You Didn’t Know about the Cloud

These days, when we discuss computing it’s impossible not to talk about “the cloud”.  The terms are basically synonymous with one another.  The cloud encompasses everything from web-based applications to SaaS, servers, storage, software and hardware.  So, whether you use a web-based email client, upload pictures to a photo sharing website, work-from-home or frequently travel, you probably depend on the cloud more than you realize.

Here are a couple of facts people may not know about cloud computing…

1.  In the 90’s cloud computing was getting ready to make a big entrance. The first major company to jump on board was ADP Payroll who provided outsourced payroll services to companies before anyone really understood outsourcing as a business concept.  The cloud drove their success and dominance in the market.  Salesforce.com is another familiar name, and just so happens to also be one of the first cloud CRM concepts that offered enterprise software applications through a simple website.  Salesforce is now one of the largest cloud computing companies in the country.

2.  The cloud can actually grow your business.  Cloud computing provides the smallest, and newest, companies access to breakthrough technologies at a low cost.  Consider all of the investments required in starting a business—office space, furniture, equipment, people, etc.  The cloud has actually made it possible for small, new businesses to get their feet wet without having to fork out money and make commitments up front.  The cloud is accessible, flexible and reliable.

3.  Automation is a strategy under the cloud computing umbrella that has become a way for companies to better compete in a cutthroat marketplace.  Whether an organization automates sales processes, accounting, payroll and human resources processes, they’re using cloud-based technologies.  The cloud has undoubtedly revolutionized the ways businesses streamline and automate operations.

4.  Cloud computing supports an on-the-go, mobile society where we expect information be made readily available.  The idea of working anytime from anywhere was born out of cloud concepts.  With information in the cloud, organizations can access data 24-7-365.  The telecommuting phenomenon is growing faster than ever expected, and this is mostly in part thanks to cloud computing.

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