Document Management in Small Private Medical Practices

Many small medical practices struggle with balancing the business and financial aspects of their practice with the healthcare component.  Oftentimes staff members in these small practices have various responsibilities and wear many hats. This can complicate how the practice operates as a whole. In some cases, balancing the multiple facets in a small medical practice can lead lower quality patient care, charting mistakes and oversights in medical diagnostics.  Some studies have shown that when a small practice implements a document management system, including electronic medical records software, that they can quickly overcome these common challenges.

From patient medical records to billing, ILM understands that cost and ease of execution are major hurdles in adopting new technology in a small practice.  Our custom, turn key document management solutions work for a growing medical practice, and also put emphasis back on the need for providing high quality healthcare to patients.  A user-friendly electronic records management system is the key to streamlining all aspects of managing a small private practice.

When fully implemented, electronic document management systems for small medical practices can aide in increasing quality of care, decreasing operating costs while also offering an array of other advantages. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Secure and controlled access to patient health data
  • Diagnostic support to decrease medical errors
  • Updating electronic health records during patient appointments
  • Digital transmission and receipt of laboratory results, consultation notes and prescription submissions
  • Features and tools geared towards avoiding adverse drug interactions
  • Electronically generated patient bills, medical summaries, diagnostics, and treatment instructions
  • Digital transmission and tracking of insurance correspondence

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