Document Management Strategies for Construction and Property Management Firms

In the construction and property management fields, a misplaced or lost document could result in a major project delay or significant monetary loss.  Surveys, site plans, building permits, contracts and lease agreements all play an important role in these paper-dependent industries.  Development, construction and property management companies, as well as architectural and engineering firms, rely heavily on documentation to track and manage the project life-cycle. Whether it’s new construction, a renovation, rental or redevelopment, having an efficient document management system is an asset for any construction company or property manager because of the constantly changing nature of their business.

ILM has helped many development companies, construction contractors, architects, property managers and engineers to get a better handle on their documents.  Our system begins with the process of converting paper-based documents into manageable PDF documents.  We’ve scanned everything from surveys, photographs, building permits, lease agreements and financial documents.  We also have the capability to convert and enhance even the most detail-specific drawings, like wide format or large format sources including maps, drawings, blueprints and site work plans.  Once the documentation is all scanned to an electronic file, we devise a user-friendly platform to archive and manage your documents.  The system provides not only storage, but easy access, sharing capabilities, security protection and it serves as a back-up recovery method as well.

The benefits of using a document management system prove to be incredibly advantageous to those working in the construction and property management fields.  When records, drawings and plans are digitized and indexed in a web-based system, they are accessible to everyone involved in the project.  When a project status rides on its corresponding documents, there is no room for risk.  If all project documents are electronically stored, you have peace of mind knowing they’re safe. Files are shareable with partners, co-workers and tenants by means of a simple, login, password-protected system.

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