Document Management Systems in Large Hospitals

For many healthcare organizations, the decision to go paperless is determined by a number of circumstances. First, it’s becoming necessary in order to adhere to regulations set forth under the HITECH Act which promotes the standardization of health information technology. Healthcare organizations are also beginning to struggle to be able to continue providing paper-based patient charts. With digital imaging and new medical technologies, it’s not always possible to generate medical information in paper format. Particularly in large hospitals, there are numerous administrative processes that depend on paper-based records, but also components that are digitally produced. Additionally,  there are privacy concerns when it comes to traditional paper records, and struggles over properly managing the large amounts of information.

Essentially, it’s becoming quite difficult to operate in the medical field with a 100% paper-based structure. These are just some of the problems faced by those responsible for handling medical records in large hospitals. These are the main reasons why hospitals are transitioning away from traditional paper-based processes, and adopting electronic document management systems. While the transition isn’t easy, the benefits of using electronic medical records far outweigh the time consuming process of properly handling paper health records.

Document management systems and electronic health records provide large hospitals a multitude of capabilities that aren’t available with traditional paper records. This system allows hospitals to securely store detailed patient information, while enabling access and sharing capabilities to authorized users. In addition, electronic health records promote a safer, more effective approach to care, quality and safety. Patients can also rest assured knowing that their private health records are more secure when in electronic format.

Digital conversion and document management is a huge undertaking for large medical organizations and hospitals. ILM has the experience and capabilities to help with their medical scanning and conversion needs to create a truly electronic records management system. Contact us for more information on a customized solution for converting paper records into customized electronic data.

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