Electronic Document Management in the Field of Law

The legal industry is an information and document dependent field.  Not only do legal firms have to properly handle confidential client information, but they have to multitask and juggle multiple cases.  It is essential that the large volume of documents be properly reviewed and handled securely in a timely manner.    This all requires easy access and constant collaboration.  The most successful and profitable firms are dependable and maintain high levels of integrity.  A document management system is one of many solutions available that can help a firm remain organized while juggling daily tasks and providing representation to clients.

The legal industry faces a number of challenges:

Security—Most all documents a legal firm handles are confidential, time-sensitive and require a high level of security.   These are all parts of the guarantees made to clients, and violations bear serious consequences.

Accessibility & CollaborationLegal documents must be accessible and easily shared. However, during that time they must remain protected.  This makes collaborating difficult and complex.

Industry Changes & Research—Attorneys must keep up to date on industry changes and personal research in addition to ongoing casework.  These responsibilities are just as time consuming as working cases for clients.

Because of these challenges and demands, it has become critical for legal firms to use electronic document management solutions to help them be more efficient and effective in their field.  With this system, all of their confidential information is easily organized into electronic files and stored in a central location.  Files can be securely shared with authorized users, inside or outside the firm.  Contracts, case files, rulings, records and other legal documents are indexed according to the firm’s specifications and are easily searched, retrieved and modified.  A document management system provides collaboration tools that allow multiple people to access and update documents while participating in group discussions. The system also doubles as a disaster recovery solution and backs up all electronic files, each time they are opened and updated.

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