Environmental & Cost Advantages of Online Document Management

Businesses benefit in numerous ways from using an online document management system.  Environmental advantages and reduction in operating costs are some of the most attractive reasons to consider electronically storing business documents. ILM understands that there is nothing more valuable to a business than seeing a return on investment, and online document management provides a visible return.

Consider how much you spend per month to keep a full inventory of paper.  Not only must you consider the paper cost, but also the management, storage, disposal, mailing and recycling of that paper.  Reports show that associated costs for handling paper documents is over a quarter of the cost of the actual paper in itself.  How about those expensive cartridges of toner and ink for printers and fax machines?  And, when one of these machines breaks, it directly affects your ability to function.  We have an extreme dependency on office items such as paper, but there are other solutions that eliminate the cost and dependence.

After utilizing online document management systems, cost savings may also be seen in staffing.  Administrative personnel who primarily copy, distribute and file paper are less critical to an operation when you utilize online document management.  The same holds true for IT staff.  When business documentation is housed in a secure online system, there is less of a need to employ IT support staff to operate servers and oversee recovery systems.  These tasks are performed automatically within the online document management system.

It’s no surprise that companies are seeking paper-reduction methods to cut costs, and online document management is a great solution.  There are also environmental advantages to going paperless.  The typical office worker uses over 10,000 sheets of paper a year which equates to 2 cases per person.  By making the choice to have a paperless office, or even a partial-paperless office, you are undoubtedly helping the environment.  Cutting back on paper, and recycling what paper is used, helps the environment by saving wood, water, energy, and decreasing environmental pollutants and waste.

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