Four Office Mistakes You Can Using Online Document Management

The advantages of online document management are being felt throughout the corporate world as more and more businesses learn to put cloud-based technologies to work for them. By securely storing and sharing business documents online, companies of all sizes have learned better ways to collaborate, organize, manage and store documents. Any worker involved in a project can access the documents they need from any computer or device—from anywhere and at any time.

Online document management is making the way the world works easier and more productive and can help companies avoid costly mistakes. Let’s look at four big office mistakes you can avoid by storing your documents in the cloud:

Losing a business document.

One of the biggest office mistakes that can be avoided with online document management the loss of important documents–both physical and digital. When documents are stored in the cloud they can’t be corrupted or erased accidentally. They will always be easily accessed when needed. This is important for any business document, but can be critical for legal documents or any information that might be needed for taxes or a corporate lawsuit. Digital documents and records of all sizes—PDFs, TIFs and more—can be easily searched for and retrieved if you are storing them safely online. Plus, they can never be lost in case of fire, flood or another type of disaster. It’s smart for companies to start identifying their most important documents and turning them into digital files that can never be lost.

Filing documents in the wrong place

Paper file folders will one day be a thing of the past. But until then, there is still a lot of human error that can come into play with filing and labeling important documents. For example, if a salesperson needs immediate access to a customer’s files when a customer calls, it is much easier to pull that file up on a computer than to put the customer on hold and go digging through paper files.

With a good online document management system in place, important items can be organized easier and searched for online with simple keywords. Documents can be in the right hands in seconds, which will greatly improve productivity, customer service and so much more.

Having outdated versions of an important business document

There’s not much worse than going into an important business meeting, presentation or sales appointment with the wrong or outdated copy of the document that is needed to seal the deal. When multiple people touch a project it is normal for many changes and revisions to be made to a document, and having a good cloud-based document management system allows everyone involved know exactly when changes have been made. Features like audit trails, time and date stamping and version controls help everyone be sure that they have the absolute latest version of any document that is securely stored.

Allowing the wrong people to access confidential material

Many records and documents are private and confidential for a reason. Especially in divisions like Human Resources, upper management, legal and other areas of a business. Medical offices are another place where important files are kept accessible only for the patient and the medical staff. Keeping documents stored online protects them from prying eyes. If confidential records are kept in a simple filing cabinet, then they can be more easily be accessed by unauthorized people.

These are just four of the many problems that can be solved with the right document management system. Managing and storing important business information online can save space, time and money. Online document management is a smart investment for any savvy business.

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