How Cloud-Based Document Management Systems Benefit Companies With Remote Workers

Working remotely is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. It cuts down on travel expenses, minimizes absenteeism and offers flexibility for the employee while reducing the employer’s overhead. However, there are several challenges that remote workers and employers face.  Access to information is a main issue, as is making remote employees feel like they’re part of a team.  More companies today are employing workers who exclusively telecommute, so solutions must be implemented to keep employees engaged and to make information more accessible.

Fortunately, technology provides many of the answers to these challenges.  Cloud-based document management solutions create a virtual environment that unifies the entire company, whether everyone works remotely or the workforce is split.  The system gives each employee access to updated information, and allows them the ability to exchange information with co-workers and to collaborate in real-time. This type of access enhances communication and makes information available to everyone without the need for in-person exchanges.   It also means that business teams can more actively collaborates and can give feedback on one another’s contributions.

That being said, just creating a virtual work environment isn’t all that’s required.  Centralizing documents in a secure repository is another necessary component to achieving a cloud-based virtual space. Most companies have several information receptacles for creating and saving information.  These include physical copies, hard drives, USB drives, shared drives and servers.  The key to making a truly efficient virtual network is to centralize document storage into one or more electronic document repositories all with remote user access capabilities.  This includes standardizing the way information is stored into one concise format and system.  Once this is completed, you must begin to think about how to index the information, apply access levels, implement retention guidelines, etc…

There are many critical steps to developing a virtual working environment.  ILM has the tools necessary to create virtual networks for remote businesses. There are several solutions and tools available to achieve a successful, productive and collaborative virtual working environment based on your company’s unique needs.  For more information on cloud-based document management solutions for virtual businesses, contact ILM today.

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