How Do I Go Paperless?

Transforming any office space to a paperless environment requires a commitment to time and patience. To reap the benefits of a paperless office is a large undertaking for any office and this requires accepting the changes that will occur. Consider how much needs converting and inquire with a document management company, like ILM, to assess the options.

A medical office is one example of an organization that can greatly benefit by going paperless. With so many patients to keep track of is sometimes difficult because those patients may not be seen in the office on a regular basis. Sometimes years will pass between visits. In this situation, the decision comes to digitize day forward or back file.

Day-forward conversion means all active documents from the inception of conversion are digitized. Back file means that all documents, active and inactive, are converted. So you might wonder which method is the best for your company.

The day-forward option should be based solely on the current and future methods of your retrieval processes. How often are inactive files accessed? What are the regulatory requirements? How many users need access to inactive files and for what reason? An experienced and reputable document management company can help you answer these questions.

Back file converting is different than day-forward in that all documents, active and inactive, are examined. Records held for only retention purposes are regarded as just as important as those currently active ones. In a sense, everything is digitized and indexed unless a document is deemed unnecessary to current office functions, or if the document is damaged.

Most often what occurs is a blend of both. An office may choose to scan the past one to three years of files, then all new documents. While this is not strictly a back file or day forward conversion it accommodates the requirements of the client.

A document management company, like ILM, can help you determine the best course of action and what makes the most sense for your company. ILM believes in a no surprises, try before you buy approach to conducting business with their clients. Not only does ILM provide you guidance on the best solutions for your company, they will present samples of how your documents look in digital format to give a better sense for the final product.


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