How Long Does Document Conversion Take for a Medium-Sized Business?

When you consider converting a paper-cluttered office to a paperless one, it’s common to fear the process and the transition. It’s also probably a little unsettling to make such a huge change to how your business operates.  ILM understands your concerns.  While we offer exceptional document conversion services, we pride ourselves on our client-focused approach to service.  If at any point you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.

At ILM we back our services with a guarantee and fully believe in a no-surprises approach to doing business and managing your project.  Most importantly, we will be right there with you along the way to continuously evaluate and find the best solutions for your company.

You may wonder exactly how long it takes to convert documents for a medium-sized business. Because every conversion process is unique to the company, there are several factors that come into play when answering this question.

  • How much of your data currently resides on paper?  There are some handy calculators to help you determine how much paper you really have in those bulky filing cabinets.  Visit our tools and resources page to find out:
  • Do you want to use a back-file or day forward method?  Some businesses believe that if they’re going to use document conversion services, they might as well convert everything.  Others believe that a day forward approach makes the most sense.  This all depends on how often you access older files.  The method you choose will reflect the time frame it takes to convert.
  • Have you set goals for using data following the conversion?  This is something we encounter frequently with clients.  They want their data electronically converted because they like the idea of a paperless office.  However, they don’t have clearly defined goals for using the files once they are converted. ILM works with clients to establish goals, because without them, conversion is hard to complete and the data is difficult to use.

There is no easy answer to the question of how long document conversion takes for a medium-sized company because our process is specific to each business. ILM can guarantee that you have access to all of your documents during the conversion process so you don’t jeopardize the success or livelihood of your company.  To learn more about document conversion and how long your project will take to complete, contact ILM today.

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