ILM’s Data Capture & Document Management Strategy

In the mid 70’s, when most companies except for large organizations and government agencies operated without main-frame computers, ILM opened its doors.  Since then, we have become experts in helping companies from many different fields, both private and public, achieve their digital goals. We understand that each industry has its own set of unique requirements regarding electronic document conversion and document management.  Our goal is to help make your data accessible, not only within your company, but also to your valued customers.

ILM has been digitizing hardcopy materials—everything from microfilm to paper—for decades.  Through time, people’s accessibility requirements and the technology used to gain access, have dramatically evolved.  So have we.  We’ve perfected our process by keeping up with the changes that affect how people work, and test strategies so it’s easy for you to adapt and carry on with running your company.  Our time-tested process for data capture and document management allows you to focus on what’s most important—your business.

We believe in our approach, and invite you to try us for free.  ILM offers a trial period for you to see for yourself what we can do for your company.  If you decide to work with us, we’ll work together to define the parameters of your project.  You’ll then be assigned one project manager; a contact person that knows the ins and outs of your project from start to finish.  Throughout the process, we guarantee there will be nothing unexpected and no surprises.

ILM has had the pleasure of working with companies large and small, from publishing houses, medical practices, legal firms, insurance companies and government agencies.  Many of our clients have seen drastic improvements in their productivity and efficiency with our data capture and document management services.  They’re able to save money on operating costs, and many times pass savings onto their clients.  Having a solid document management plan in place is a win-win for everyone involved.  For more information on ILM’s strategy or to start a free trial, contact us today.

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