Important Questions to Ask Prospective Document Management Providers

So your company has decided to go forward with moving to an electronic system.  Most document management providers you talk to rely on their workflow and processes to prove their ability to complete a perfect, accurate project.  While this is important to many companies, there are several secondary elements to consider before signing on for the work to begin.   Here are some of the questions you should be asking of a prospective document management provider…

What guarantees do you offer?  Most expert document management providers would say that it’s a red flag when a company doesn’t offer any guarantees.  With so many stages involved in a service or solution, there are numerous opportunities to verify accuracy of work.   If a provider doesn’t offer any guarantees, like no surprises or a pledge to getting it right the first time, it’s not a bad idea to move on in your search for a qualified, reputable document management provider.

What type of support is offered?  The decision to go digital isn’t one to take lightly.  There are many nuances that prompt a business to become overwhelmed with questions and concerns.  This is possible both before a project begins and after it’s completed.  An experienced document management provider should have a dedicated support team to answer questions without making you feel as if you’re slowing down the process or changing your mind about a decision you’d previously insisted upon.

Who do I talk to if I have questions once the project is underway?  A provider that shuns away questions or interruptions from a client during production is not one with genuine concern for your company.  Any experienced provider knows the complexity of a project is not only felt by their team, but the client as well.  Most projects don’t go through the motions without some question, concern or change on the client’s behalf.  Each project should have a point of contact that is committed to the project.  This is the person a client can call on at any point with questions.

Do you have a local presence?  Document management is a global industry, and with that comes frequent outsourcing.  While a provider will offer a choice between onshore or offshore, you should be made aware of who is handling your documents and where they’re located.  Either way, it’s important that the provider has a local presence and can provide you with direct contacts for communications and support.

Do you have a well-established client base?  A provider that takes pride in their work will be happy to share their track record.  This includes success stories of companies in a variety of different industries.   Experiences and testimonials are a testament to their work relationship, and speak volumes about the quality of their services.

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