Optical Character Resolution (OCR) Enhances Accessibility in Law Firms

The legal industry consumes an outrageous amount of paper.   Studies actually suggest that, on average, a single attorney generates approximately 100,000 sheets of paper per year.  Legal paperwork like briefs, court documents, case studies and depositions all printed and filed in folders also consume a generous amount of office space.  But, it’s not just the sheer volume of paper that presents a problem.   It’s extremely challenging to stay on top of time-sensitive business when you have to navigate file folders stacked by the dozen.  You know what they say, time is money, and this is certainly true in the legal field.

Document management solutions have allowed the legal industry to move away from mass paper consumption towards an electronic solution that offers accessibility, management and security of information.  For law firms, easy accessibility to the information that drives their business is critical.  It’s important for law firms to select a document management solution that enhances the accuracy and searchability of information.  Legal content is so specific it must be accessible without error.  Being able to search for information and locate it with minimal search terms is mandatory.  So, how can you guarantee the accuracy of information and implement a foolproof way of accessing it?  Optical character resolution, or OCR, is the solution.

OCR allows you to convert multiple file types into easily searchable and editable data.  A well-implemented OCR conversion and indexing strategy will organize information in a manner that provides attorneys with immediate access.  OCR technology has the ability to merge multiple file types together and produce a single document from several sources.  OCR indexes can also be synched with case management software and other workflow applications for a more inclusive strategy.  This type of comprehensive approach completely streamlines how paperwork is not only generated, but managed, in a law firm.

The search functionality that law firms utilize is only as good as the quality of the information that they’re searching. This is why it is so significant to choose a document capture and indexing solution that will guarantee the accuracy, searchability and safety of your data.  For more information on the benefits of OCR and how indexing makes searching, retrieving and editing a hassle-free process, contact ILM today!

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