Outsourcing Insurance Forms Processing

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the benefits of forms processing and data entry services.  We mentioned that forms processing projects can range from small applications to large scale, long term processes.  A variety of businesses can benefit from outsourced forms processing even with smaller projects.  However, there are fewer organizations that encounter as many forms on a daily basis as insurance companies do. The true value of forms processing is most certainly seen in the insurance industry.

The insurance business is an industry that relies heavily on the use of many, many forms.  Some forms, like policy applications and claim submissions, are longer, more complex and detailed in nature.  Basic forms, like informational updates and agreements, are shorter.  Because the insurance industry is ever-changing, it is critical that each and every form entry complies with strict insurance regulations.  This is one of many reasons why an outsourced insurance forms processing is beneficial.

Insurance forms processing is a tedious, time-consuming and ineffective process.  Errors, duplications and omissions are difficult to avoid when one person is reviewing and entering in hundreds of insurance documents each day.  This leads to difficulties in the business both internally and externally.  Given the nature of the work, it’s hard to acquire and retain dedicated data entry staff, and just as challenging for agents to create satisfied customers.

ILM is a certified data entry services provider. Not only do we guarantee your insurance forms processing is completed accurately and on time, but we can also go an extra step and create custom databases and indexes to organize your data.   Outsourcing insurance forms processing offers benefits to both the insurance company and the customer. When forms processing is outsourced, it enables the insurance company to be more customer-oriented because they can spend less time inputting paperwork.

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