Paper & Image Estimator

If you’re like most companies, you probably have different types of documents, stored in various storage sources.  From papers to photographs, loose stacks to filing cabinets, every company has their own document storage method.  The challenge with multiple format sources and storage options is that there is no clear cut way to estimate how much actually exists.  If you’re considering a document management solution, getting a ballpark figure is the best place to start.

Here are some guidelines to help you determine approximately how much is sitting in that paper stack, tucked away in a box or shoved in a filing cabinet.  Remember, file folders, staples, paper clips and other fasteners can cause a variation in the estimate.

Loose Paper:  150-180 pages per inch

Copy Paper Box (L 17.5″ x H 9.75″ x W 11.5″):  1,800-2,200 pages per box

Banker Box (L 16″ x H 10″ x W 12″):  1,800-2,000 pages per box

Lateral File Cabinet:  5,000-6,000 pages per drawer

4 Drawer Standard File Cabinet:  2,500 pages per drawer

Stacks of Photographs:  100-125 per inch

Linear Foot:  1,800 pages per linear foot

Luckily, there are various options available when it comes to deciding on a digital conversion and document management plan.  If new documents are generated as quickly as old archives are accessed, it might make sense to convert everything to digital.  On the other hand, if archives aren’t regularly accessed and simply stored for retention purposes, day-forward conversion is a bit quicker and easier conversion solution.  Depending on how your company uses its data will drive the methods used to better organize information.  For more details on document management solutions, contact ILM today.

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