Planning for a Paperless Office in 2015

There is no better time than now to start thinking about a paperless office.  Going into a new year is the prime opportunity for businesses to consider changes to their operations and systems in effort to boost efficiency and productivity.  Paperless offices are the full gamut solution.  However, because document management is such a powerful answer to business problems, the idea makes many business owners nervous.  It must be expensive.  It must take a long time.  It’s going to affect our business in the interim.  These are all common concerns.  However, understanding goals, and knowing the budget and ROI on such solutions is key to making the right decision.

To really begin to budget how much a paperless office will cost, you have to have an estimate of how much paper exists.  How many filing cabinets do you have in use?  How many documents are not yet filed?  How many full banker boxes of paper do you have?  If any, what type of offsite storage is utilized?  Even consider how many inbound documents are received each year that eventually get printed and filed.  Making these calculations can be overwhelming.  Visit the ILM website for some helpful calculators and other resources.

Once you have an idea of the amount of paper you depend on in a given month or year, you can begin researching document management companies.  It’s really important to keep a few factors in mind when beginning conversations with service providers.  Know what exactly is included in their estimate.  Many times the base price is so tempting you forget to ask what’s not included.  Document handling and prep, quality control, indexing, oversize documents and wide format are just some of the hidden fees that are applicable to most projects.  Quotes provided must be comprehensive and contain no surprises.

From an accurate estimate to final completion, ILM has a proven service method to provide an exceptional experience to every customer.  Not only do we promise no surprises during our time together, but we offer a try before you buy approach.  Send us a box of your documents to see how our methods would work for your business.  You’ll also get professional advice and insight on how a full project would be carried out to your unique requirements.  To get started on a document conversion and management project with ILM, contact us today.

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