Q&A with the President

From time to time, we check in with ILM President Jason Cohen to get his thoughts on issues our clients, employees, and other stakeholders ask about. Two of the more common topics are ILM’s Every Time Guarantee and the type of culture that can be created and fostered in a small business setting. Check out what Jason had to say below:

What is the premise of the Every Time Guarantee?

Offering a guarantee to our clients that their work will be done accurately and on-time should be a baseline for any organization that stands behind the work that they produce.  It also serves another purpose. For ILM to be able to continually grow, innovate and evolve, we have to be able to learn from our mistakes. We therefore take our mistakes as opportunities for improvement, not something that we run away from.

How did you get this idea?

I am always looking for processes and procedures that ensure that we act in the best interest of our employees and clients.  While taking a leadership course several years ago, I learned of a company that would state on their invoices, that if you were not completely satisfied, then to pay what you feel the value of the product / service was.  Like our guarantee, any identified mistakes were learned quickly and rapidly worked out to not occur again.

How does this add value to what you provide your clients?

Our clients place a lot of trust in us to convert their materials into digital documents.  From these digital files, our clients are making critical business decisions and therefore have to trust the accuracy of the data.  We take ownership of the quality of our work and do our best to ensure that we deliver accurate files every time. And when we do make the inevitable mistake, we correct it, research the source, and implement a process to not repeat it.  

What kind of culture do you try to create at ILM?

ILM is a family owned company that provides document capture, management and conversion services to organizations.  While that’s the business service that we offer, the culture is based on ownership and transparency. We are ultimately responsible for our own lives and happiness.  Working at ILM should be an extension of our employees’ natural tendencies.  Work hard and smart, continually look for better ways to do something, and own our successes and mistakes.

How was ILM named to the Inc. 5000? What does this recognition mean for the business?

Our goal was not to make a list or accolade.  We are fortunate enough to have great dedicated employees and clients that lead the business to grow at an exponential rate.  The award is really a by-product of our hard work but wasn’t the finish line, but rather a milestone that we are on the right track.

How does ILM’s culture benefit its clients?

Performing at such a high level, each and every day, takes the right employees to execute.  We have built a culture where people take extreme pride in their work.  While we have to ensure that the work is done quickly, more importantly it has to be done correctly.  Every ILM employee takes great care and pride to ensure accuracy. The real measure of this success is clients that have been with us for 10, 15 and even beyond 20 years.