Restructuring Document Management in the Education Industry

The education industry is composed of a large network of schools, colleges, universities and private institutions.  With an ever-expanding number of students, there is a huge drive for school administrations to develop new ways of effectively handling student files and records.  Registrar and admissions offices are often faced with the responsibility of being “record keeper” and are in charge of maintaining student records in the long term.  This includes filing, reviewing and managing countless documents such as applications, financial aid files, transcripts, admissions and enrollment files.  In some cases, these departments can’t keep up with the influx of documents, let alone devise an effective process for managing them in a way that promotes organization and accessibility.

From small private schools to large state universities, administrators and personnel are embracing the benefits that document management systems can have on the effectiveness and organization of their departments.  Administrators are turning to this solution as a way to gain instant access to admissions files, transcripts, student applications and more.  A document management system helps streamline office procedures for every department from financial planning to academic records.

ILM has worked with major universities to convert their admissions, student records and financial aid documents into useable digital files.  The administrators are then able to quickly and easily disseminate the electronic files to authorized users.  These document management solutions do more than just convert data. They have the capacity to capture, index, store, and retrieve documents more efficiently than traditional paper-based processes.

Security is an issue of the past when using digital files.  By indexing and archiving school records electronically, administrators can better protect confidential student information in a secure environment.  Backup recovery provides added security and protection to school records.  Not only does document management streamline office systems and increase security protection, it also helps to clear thousands of square feet of office space by eliminating filing cabinets and paper boxes.

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