Security Improvement Tips for 2015

This time of year, most organizations are putting focus on building their business and increasing profits.  However, we saw plenty of mistakes made last year when companies didn’t focus on key factors like protecting internal networks and customer information. It seems with every passing month there was a major security breach making headlines.  It’s likely we haven’t seen the last of it.  This has many organizations emphasizing tightly locked networks and unbreakable codes to protect information.  It’s true that while you can’t entirely prevent a security breach, you can familiarize yourself with how it happens and take necessary precautions in hopes that it doesn’t.  We all know that proactive behavior is far better and easier than being forced to slip into reactive mode.

Protecting company data and customer information as well as educating employees on policies and procedures isn’t a one and done deal.  It takes planning and diligence to establish and develop a system that works for every business.  Here are a few of the best practices for companies to follow in their quest for a secure 2015…

1. Identify one person within the organization (or a team for larger companies) to be in charge of overseeing all information security.

2. Conduct educational training to teach employees the ins and outs of security policies and procedures.  Hold regular sessions to review the basics and discuss any changes.

3.  Make document storage easy and accessible by using a combination of document management systems.  Many of ILM’s solutions include conversion, storage, accessibility, retention and disposal strategies.

4.  If you use an electronic document management solution, it’s possible you haven’t given much thought to how to safely dispose of hard copies.  It’s time to establish a secure method for handling those types of documents.  Anything scheduled to be destroyed should be housed in a locked container until destruction time.

5.  Once disposal policies are established make it a habit of destroying everyday types of documents once they are no longer needed.  This saves time and hassle later.

These strategies really only solve the security issue of information dissemination via physical copies.  Cyber security is an entirely different issue.  With the predicted use of mobile, social and cloud services increasing this year, companies will need to restructure existing security policies more than ever before.  Contact ILM today to find out how to implement a cohesive strategy that takes care of safe and secure document conversion, storage and retention.


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