How to Select a Document Imaging Company

Each day is a busy day in your business. You correspond with clients, file away documents, handle data of all types with varying degrees, all to make sure that the company runs smoothly, satisfies the needs of your customers, and turns a profit. Handling data in an efficient and secure way is vital to continuing growth in today’s tech-driven world, but if you’re still using paper, making the change to digital will involve some planning and skilled professional assistance. A document imaging company can help you through that process.


If you think your organization could benefit from data and document conversion there are several options to selecting a company. Knowing what to look for will help you decide on a company that will make the process as smooth as possible, yielding the maximum benefit possible for your business. The areas to look at include integrity, skill, collaboration, security, and overall experience.


Integrity Of Your Document Imaging Company


The document management process is tailored to your business’ needs, it is imperative that you get a clear vision of cost and structure. Some document management companies will let you test their services before you agree to work with them. This is a sign of a credible company, and says a great deal about their service guarantee. Also, by testing out their services first, you verify the quality of their work and get a chance to prepare for any possible challenges that may arise during the process.


A credible company will also be upfront about the costs of their services. This is a big reason why testing it out first is so important. By allowing you to experience their services, you also allow them to evaluate just what it will take to complete your project, enabling them to give you a precise, reliable quote. It will also ensure that they can handle the process in a complete and skillful manner.


Technical and Industry Skill That Fits With Your Business


A reputable document management company must have a well-trained, responsive staff. If you trust someone to handle your confidential documents, the people doing so must be experts at the process. As the customer, you must know who you can to talk to in the event there is a problem or question. Having a clear point of contact is vital to ensuring the process is managed in a way that is consistent with your needs as a business.


But, the communication and responsiveness of the company is only part of the skills necessary to provide what you need. They must also have the technical skill to carry out a project quickly and with minimal risk to your data. Each area of document conversion must be handled by highly trained hands. Otherwise, it can end up being incorrect or incomplete, and it may even lead to a security or compliance problem in the future.


Collaboration To Complete Projects Successfully On Time


A good document management company should efficiently coordinate the steps in the process and keep you in the loop. How will pick up and delivery be coordinated? Will they confirm understanding of my specific instructions? When can I expect the project complete? Knowing your point of contact allows you to get answers to these questions without the runaround you’d endure with poorer communication. The right document management company will also be able to provide clear, honest answers to these questions. Without that, it’s easy to end up sifting through various departments trying to find answers, and even then you may end up with incomplete or erroneous information.


The depth to which their services match your needs comes down to customization. The best services will be able to work with a wide range of business needs, including conversion processes, coding and organization systems, customizable access, and retrieval processes.


The Security Your Business Demands


A critical part of collaboration and integrity is the emphasis on security. This is, after all, your proprietary data that the company will be working with, so you need to make sure your documents are handled in a way that minimizes human exposure to information while preventing anything from getting lost. This is a special challenge of the industry in that it’s not enough just to scan documents, but also make them searchable through indexing.


The right document imaging company will employ technology and tactics that will ensure your data remains secure throughout the entire process. These tactics can include field-based indexing (rather than full text), double-blind verification, arbitration, and optical character recognition (OCR). Each of these minimizes the exposure your data has to human eyes while ensuring it is digitized and organized accurately.


Safe handling and transportation of documents is also important to their security. Consult with the document conversion company on how they intend to transport your documents and what methods they use to ensure they are safely handled.


Proven Industry Experience That Leads To Business Success


You should seek out a document management company that has worked with different industries. Often document imaging companies gain valuable experience by years of service. Ensure that your company has been in business for a long time so you can reap the benefit of all those years of success. It’s not uncommon to find a document digitization company that has been in business for 20 or 30 years.


This level of experience will ensure that they’ll be able to handle the nuances involved in your field. For example, for hospital and medical document conversion, you will need someone who can work within the regulations set under HIPAA and other government measures. The size of your company also has an effect on how the document conversion process will be handled, so you need to go with someone who has experience working with businesses of all sizes that will scale their services accordingly.


Experience lends itself not only to providing quality work promptly, but it also allows for a knowledge of processes that ensure the job is completed in the most effective and efficient way possible. Make sure they have experience, background and utilize various techniques to streamline projects.


The right combination of processes and techniques will ensure the job is completed quickly, effectively, and securely. An experienced document imaging company will:


Be able to assess a project and determine the best approach

Employ technical skill and security techniques to minimize human exposure to your data

Complete the project quickly

Organize and index data in a way that makes it easily usable in your company

Each stage of the process requires experience working with different industries and using specialized technical processes. Each project is unique, and it requires an eye for very specific details to carry it out in a way that will maximize returns for your company. Therefore, verify their level of experience and determine whether they have worked within your particular industry in the past.


Technology and Processes for Efficient Document Imaging


Just as important as skill, experience, and integrity is the technology the company has access to. Poor equipment will naturally lead to poor results, so make sure you ask the company about the equipment they use. Are they upgrading and investing in new technology? Do they keep their current equipment well maintained? What brands of technology do they use? They should use solid technology from manufacturers who have a long track record of producing quality materials.


For example, you should make sure they have technology that can produce high-resolution results for document imaging services. To make sure the resulting images are searchable, highly precise OCR equipment coupled with secure verification processes will be necessary. The ideal document imaging company will provide just that.


Deciding On the Best Document Imaging Company for Your Needs


The goal of a document management company is to make human interaction better, faster and less expensive. In doing so, there should be no surprises. Ask the company for references. Make sure they are experienced working with both large and small organizations in different industries. They should be able to provide scenarios that reflect your situation, and share testimonials from past or current clients. Verify the quality of their technology and processes.


Through it all, there’s no harm in asking questions. The right document imaging company should be able to provide answers to your questions and verify their expertise in the area. Once you’ve done your research, go with a company that will provide high quality services in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


At ILM, we want you to understand how our approach works and be confident in our services before making a commitment. That’s why we encourage you to try us before you buy us.


It’s easy: Just send us a box of your documents and we’ll show you the potential digital imaging has for your business. We also make sure you aren’t inconvenienced at any point during the process. We offer access to all data throughout each phase of our digital imaging system. For more information on our digital imaging solutions contact us today.


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