Convert Your Paper Documents Into Digital Format

Offices tend to get bogged down with paper, which is why many businesses are moving towards document digitization. ILM’s document digitization services can help you overcome the paper trail with a highly accessible, yet secure solution.

Paper documents take up space, take time to find and file away, and overall cost you in both time and resources. Document digitization converts your paper documents into digital format through the use of scanners, indexing, OCR, and other technologies.

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Benefits of Document Digitization Services

Our document digitization services benefit businesses in multiple ways, all of which create a more efficient workplace with less revenue spent on working with paper.

Decreased storage requirements

Digitized documents take up far less physical space than paper, freeing up square footage in your office and sparing you the need for costly off-site storage.

Efficient office workflow

Digitized documents can be quickly saved and pulled up via a computer, eliminating the need for rifling through folder after folder to find the right piece of paper. When combined with our indexing services, document digitization makes managing paperwork a snap.

Simpler security and compliance

Access control and security for sensitive documents are much simpler and less reliant on physical controls such as locks and surveillance cameras. Digitized documents can be safeguarded with file encryption and passwords on your own office hard drive or server.

Focus on what matters

The benefits of document digitization reduce the resources spent on managing paper, allowing you to devote more time and revenue toward your business’s core operations.

Types of Digitized Documents

At ILM, we handle a wide range of documents, including paper, large format, microfilm, microfiche, and more.

Paper documents

Paper takes space, especially when it’s accumulated over years of business operations. Many paper documents need to be stored for set periods, making the space they take problematic. Standard letter documents can be quickly digitized and stored on a disc, hard drive, or server.

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Large format

Large format documents such as maps and blueprints are important to preserve, and digitizing them greatly improves accessibility, from pulling up a schematic on a computer to referencing a blueprint out in the field.

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Microfilm and microfiche

Microfilm and microfiche documents often take up less space than paper, but they still have their space requirements. In addition, they require specialized equipment to access the information they hold, rendering them inefficient. Digitizing these formats saves time and money.

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Other documents

Additional records we digitize include:

Our Document Digitization Process

Our document digitization process begins with a consultation on how you can best benefit from our services. We then create a custom plan of action that will satisfy your business needs.

From there, we collect your documents and transport them to our secure facility, where we scan each document and convert it into PDF or TIFF format. Optical character recognition (OCR) and indexing may also be used to make your documents searchable.

Throughout the process, every reasonable effort is made to ensure sensitive documents are kept confidential.

Once your documents are fully digitized, we deliver them back to you. Your paper can also be returned or destroyed.

Go Paperless With ILM

Whether you need to create digital backups of your documents, simplify storage and access to files, or eliminate paper from your office entirely, we can help you develop a solution that works for you.

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