Find Info & Data With Document Indexing

Indexing gives you the ability to quickly perform searches for information in your scanned documents. One of the key decisions when converting paper documents to digital files is what indexing criteria to use. Phone numbers, addresses, account numbers, and first and last names are just a few examples of data that you can reference. Another important factor is looking at how users will search for documents. For example, in a series of personnel files, first and last names, as well as dates of employment, are a very common way of searching. Conversely, medical and dental records could reference insurance policy numbers or patient birth date. Request a Quote

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Indexing Services

ILM’s experience with document indexing goes back nearly 50 years. Our experts help you determine the best criteria to use for indexing your documents, and as a result provide your company with several long-lasting benefits.

Find information faster

We identify and index the most relevant information (called metadata) from each digitized document to help ensure quick and efficient data retrieval. We’ll also provide you with a secure, user-friendly portal where you can quickly run searches and retrieve information.

Efficient document management

Storing and retrieving information from physical documents is time-consuming and cumbersome. When properly digitized and indexed, retrieving and sharing document files is simple. Your team won’t have to manually search for information in a physical file.

Cost savings

The more organized and consistent files are, the more time and money will be saved when it is time to index them. No matter how pristine your file system is, your team is likely to run into some unavoidable hurdles when attempting to scan and index documents internally. ILM’s advanced equipment and expert personnel provide value (and reduce headaches) by tackling the following challenges:
  • Efficiently handling large volumes of documents
  • Retrieving data from documents that are in poor condition (i.e. multiple photocopies from original document, wrinkles, handwritten, older documents)
  • Provide secure storage for documents during the indexing process
  • Proper preparation before scanning (relocating sticky notes and removing fasteners)
  • Help you determine how much meta data needs to be added to be effective

Choose ILM for Document Indexing

When you partner with ILM for document indexing, you are choosing a company with decades of document management experience under the belt. From document digitization to data entry and beyond, you can trust in our expertise to get the job done on time and within budget. Here are just a few reasons why clients choose us for document indexing.

View files as they are indexed

You can view your files in real-time as they are indexed via our secure online portal. You won’t have to wait weeks or months to begin searching the index.

Enhanced data quality

Our enhanced data quality standards help ensure data cleanliness by performing spell checks, identifying potentially inaccurate information, and interpreting abbreviations—all of which can add significant time and frustration when manually searching a large volume of documents.

Increased data security

Physical documents can get lost, stolen, or damaged. By digitizing and indexing your data while protecting it with secure user accounts, you’ll reduce the risks that are commonly associated with poor or non-existent chains of document custody. Request a Quote

Get Started Indexing Your Documents

To get started indexing your digitized documents, reach out to us. We’ll work with you to develop a custom indexing solution that will allow for quick and easy information retrieval. For more information about our indexing services, contact us, or simply request a quote below. Request a Quote