What’s the case for outsourcing versus doing it in-house?

In a word: Focus. All we provide is document and data conversion and document management solutions. We think about data solutions 24/7. This single-minded focus ensures that we stay on top of our industry by using the latest technology and industry best practices.

The benefit to you, our client is 40 years of experience. An application that we use for our association lockbox client may be just as relevant for our federal defense agency. By quickly connecting these dots we help our customers get what they want from us – reliable and consistent conversion services at a cost effective price. ILM has the best, industrial grade document conversion software and equipment available in the industry and our production management techniques and processes have been honed, tested and proven over decades. Quite simply, we can do it faster and less expensive at a higher quality than our clients can. That’s the value that our clients recognize and value. What our clients do with their extra time is up to them.