Storage Tools & Calculators: Estimating Digital Conversion Needs

Most companies don’t have any idea of the amount of documents they have stored away in boxes or filing cabinets.  Many would simply say that there is way too much to even quantify.  This makes the thought of adopting a document management system seem overwhelming.  However, there are digital storage calculators and other tools available to help you determine just how much paper you have stored in your office.  Using these tools, you can begin to get a clearer view of how to implement a solution for your company.

Here is a basic example:  100,000 pages is the equivalent of about 10 filing cabinets.  With digital conversion, you can have electronic access to all of those pages through a secure online system, or on 7 CD’s or one DVD.  Keep in mind that these numbers are just estimates and are by no means an exact way to determine the intensity of your document conversion project.  It’s recommended that you convert a very small amount of your documents to see the bigger picture.  This is why at ILM we offer a free trial so that you can see the potential of such a system without committing to converting your entire office.

There are a number of options available when it comes to digital conversion and document management systems. You may choose to digitally convert all of your documents (back-file conversion) or start converting from the time you begin using the system (day forward conversion).  This affects the time-frame of your project as well as how you adjust to managing electronic information.

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