Technology Trends to Watch in 2015

It’s a common misconception that document management systems are only a fit for large corporations.  Truthfully, the adoption of document management systems and solutions in SMBs has soared in the past decade.  More SMBs are ditching their dated, inefficient paper-based systems in favor of electronic document management platforms. Even smaller businesses that never thought a tool like this would be attainable, or even make sense for their company, are jumping on the bandwagon.  The outcome seen across the board by SMBs is a streamlined process that facilitates better collaboration and interaction internally and with customers.

However, with new developments, features and product improvements being introduced into the market at a rapid pace, it’s important to make sure the tools you’re using are keeping up with the times.  It’s unfortunate that many organizations implement document management solutions and never go back to revisit the ins and outs of their systems.  They soon find out they’re entirely out of date with current technology advancements.  Here are the top 3 trends and technologies you don’t want to miss out on in 2015.

1.  Web Mobility:  With more companies using mobile devices than desktop computers, web mobility is a must.  It’s the latest method of connectivity, so it’s essential that document management solutions take this into account.  Make sure your current system and tools can keep up with the rapidly changing mobility requirements of both your employees and your customers.

2.  Cloud Capabilities:  No longer is “cloud” the hot buzzword like it was in 2014.  It’s now the new normal.  The anywhere, anytime availability of the cloud and its streamlined approach to collaboration makes it a must-have technology for any size business.  Luckily, most document management systems are already compatible to go to the cloud if they aren’t there already.

3.  Business Process Management (BPM):  This is the new buzzword of 2015.  BPM is all about improving workflow processes and getting a better handle on big data.   To effectively use and manage big data you don’t need a bigger database, rather innovative methods in automating workflow to facilitate the processing of large volumes of data.

Interested in making 2015 the year your company goes paperless?  Looking to refresh your current document management system with the latest tools and technologies?    ILM can help with both.  Contact us today to learn more about how we’re incorporating the latest technologies into our document management solutions to make your business run more efficiently.