The Value of Backing Up Document Management Guarantees

You’ve seen it at least once. More likely, you’ve seen it a thousand times. Yet another company makes a guarantee about their services. The wording might be a little different: “Satisfaction guaranteed!” or “You’ll be astounded at our quality—we guarantee it!” It has become so commonplace, companies stating with absolute certainty that you will be completely satisfied with their services, that the words sound empty—if you even notice them at all. We’re often surprised that when asking a company what their guarantee means, they have no answer.   

ILM has a reputation for quality and on time delivery, and we’re constantly investing in this through our QMS and ISO Certification. With every client we aim to back up our promises, and that includes our Every Time Guarantee. This guarantee doesn’t exist simply to put promises on paper; it’s to put real consequence to our actions should we fail to meet our goals. Sure, there is comfort to our clients in knowing we have a guarantee in place, but more so it instills confidence in them that we have strong systems and processes that reduce the probability of inaccurate or late work.  


More Than Just a Slogan

From the start of working together, ILM focuses attention and activities to align with your needs. We’re dedicated to planning and communicating with you to ensure your project goes according to your expectations. This gives us the incentive to deliver what you need it, when you need it, as agreed.

Our guarantee backs this up—it’s not just a slogan, or a bit of advertising fluff we put on our site, but a real guarantee that if your project is not completed in the right way or on time, you don’t have to pay anything for it.

 While our competitors might say their work is guaranteed, we mean it, and we will back it up. There are two aspects to our Every Time Guarantee—all work is done 1) in the right way, and 2) on time.


The Right Way

At the heart of the matter, accurate data is required for you to make critical business decisions. The right way means all processed data you receive is in conformance with our service level agreement’s stated minimum accuracy, project specifications, and in accordance with the client-approved test.

Before live production, ILM submits a test to the client to to make sure deliverables meet your  specifications and expectations. This means you ultimately control the standards for what you want out of the project. Whether we are scanning documents for you or indexing data into an easily accessible database, you can be certain that your information is handled with the best procedures and technology available.


On Time

Our client’s business activities require rapid turnaround and decision making. Information isn’t valuable if it’s too late to act upon. On time is based on the service level agreement outlining turnaround time which is established at the beginning of the project. Turnaround times are determined on a mutually agreeable basis.  

When we discuss your project, we also decide upon a method for your materials to arrive to us, if that’s all at once or on a rolling basis, and we set a turnaround time based on the size and scope of the project and your company’s needs. That time can be adjusted as needed, but only with your approval.  

Once the timeframe is set, we do everything possible to make sure we meet the deadline. Any part of the project that’s completed after the established date is free—you don’t pay for late data.


What Our Every Time Guarantee Means for You

At the very core, ILM’s guarantee ensures that you don’t take on the burden for any mishaps that occur. You can be 100% confident in our services—that every project will be completed on time and according to our agreement. The way we back up our guarantee—by promising that data is free if late or done incorrectly—benefits you regardless of the type of project you send us.

Let’s look at how our guarantee can help you be confident in our individual services:

Document conversion: Scanning physical documents to a digital format helps you cut down on the costs of paper in your business, but it must be done accurately. Any missed documents would essentially be lost to you, and may require you to recreate them—a costly and time consuming endeavor, to say the least. With our guarantee, you are certain that your digitized data gets back to you when you need it and without expensive losses. Business can continue onward at an accelerated rate without any glitches.

Data entry: Indexing is a key part of data management and data entry must be done with absolute accuracy. Your business depends on having accurate information to make decisions. Our guarantee to complete your data entry and indexing project accurately ensures you have actionable and accurate information.

Digital mailroom: At ILM, we create customized solutions using dedicated PO boxes as well as secure fax lines for incoming hard copy and electronic documents. Our process makes certain that every email, letter, document, or fax is digitized accurately and sent to you promptly. The Every Time Guarantee is absolutely key here since our turnaround time is crucial to your ability to access information quickly.


Promises Delivered Through Quality Results

We take our services seriously and we are fully confident in our ability to serve you through our data processing and conversion services. With our Every Time Guarantee, you get more than just an afterthought promise; you get a full assurance that your project is completed the way you need it when you need it.

To learn more about our Every Time Guarantee, or our document management services, contact ILM today.