What is a Certified Document Imaging Architech?

If your business is thinking about alternatives for internal document management, a Certified Document Imaging Architech (CDIA) is a great resource to help you review the wide range of options. A CDIA is a company that possesses a vital level of knowledge and expertise that is fundamental to designing and carrying out an effective document management solution. These solutions include digital imaging and document conversion, both of which come with several indexing options.  A CDIA can devise a seamless plan that’s best suited for your business’ needs.

CDIA is an internationally recognized certification that acknowledges proficiency in document imaging, document management, and enterprise content management (ECM). It certifies that the company has the knowledge and skills needed to develop systems for scanning, storing, and retrieving digital versions of documents.  The success of a document management solution rides heavily on the design of the system and the software used.  By choosing to work with a CDIA company, you can rest assured knowing your project is in good hands.

Professionals in the industry would all agree that without specific goals, no document management system turns out exactly as expected.  CDIA accreditation arms the provider with the necessary tools to thoroughly review the requirements and process of the business, design useable solutions and seamlessly execute the plan.  Other objectives include training the client on how to use indexed data and manage the new system.

Effective document management solutions depend on a well devised and properly executed strategy.  Therefore, the more credentials and affiliations a company holds, the better prepared they are to handle the development and implementation of a high quality, effective solution.   ILM employs CDIAs, as well as Information Capture Professional (ICP).  These distinctions provide us the flexibility and know-how to bring you the best tools, software and solutions for devising your company’s plan.  For more information on ILM’s capabilities and credentials, contact us today.

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